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A loved one has ended up in jail. How do I get a bail bond? For starters, you will have to post bail before law enforcement will let them out. Bail is usually set by a judge with the intent of guaranteeing that a defendant will appear in court on the correct date and time. The higher the flight risk, the higher the bail requirement will be.

So basically, call now. When you need bail bonds in Houston, let us do the work for you. You never have to leave home or work. Email, fax or simply call us and share the pertinent information and your needs. Our courteous and understanding staff will process paperwork and deliver your Houston bail bonds to the Harris County jail.

Need more of an explanation? Harris County bail bonds are simply a financial guarantee that the arrested person will appear in court. In order to start the processing for any type bail bond, you are required to present a percentage of the court mandated bail fee to your Houston bail bond company. In turn, we’ll pay the entire amount of your bail to the court. At Andy Glenn Bail Bonds, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash as well as personal checks. In most circumstances, collateral is not required. We are here for you – so stop reading and call now!

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