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Some Bail Bond Professionals Must Improve Their Ethics

When people in Houston need bail bonds, their freedom is hanging in the balance, and therefore, they want to work with a company they can trust.   That means finding a Harris County bail bondsman that demonstrates the utmost professionalism and integrity.  Hiring convicted felons is not a good way to show your company adheres […]

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Bail Bonds Serve a Purpose and Should Stay in Place

Picture this.  You are a respected bail bondsmen drinking coffee and watching the morning news before work.  It’s just like any other morning, until, out of nowhere, you hear the anchor say “Should bail bonds be eliminated in the United States?”   Smoldering hot coffee starts flying out of your mouth, and if somebody were to […]

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How Far Would You Go to Save a Pet?

Sometimes, we come across stories that make great discussion topics for our blog.  This morning, that was the case. According to KHOU, a woman shot her husband in the stomach because he threatened to kill the family cat with a pellet gun. Don’t get us wrong, we understand how easy it is to get attached […]

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Watch What You Post: You Could Need Bail Bonds Afterwards

Social media is a great tool if used properly.   It can help others learn about yourself, your company, your goals, and even establish yourself as an expert in your chosen profession.   However, there is a downside.   Since everything you post is easily accessible by anyone, it’s important to have a filter on […]

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Here’s Another Athlete That Doesn’t Get It

Look, we understand the allure of alcohol.   It creates a chemical effect in our bodies that makes us feel good, and that’s why people use it as a pick-me-up when they are sad, or as a means of celebrating a momentous occasion. However, it’s not drinking alcohol that bothers us.   It’s getting behind […]

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Ever Wanted to Handle a Traffic Ticket This Way?

Traffic tickets are a part of life.  In the course of your lifetime, odds are pretty good that, you will get at least one.   That said, the odds are also good that you won’t be pleased when you do.   Now, most people just bite their tongue, and take care of the ticket in […]

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Top 10 Vehicles Stolen in Houston in August

For most people, a car is one of the most important items they own.   It enables them to get to work on time, transport their family from place to place, and even get bail bonds in Houston if they are needed.   It’s also something that people come to trust and rely on, knowing […]

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Crazy Fact About Harris County Jails

In America, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  That’s what separates our nation from most other countries in the world.  Of course, that being said, our jails tend to be very overpopulated.   But did you know that as of July, 65% of the 9,133 inmates in Harris County jails were people detained prior […]

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Ever Lost Faith in Humanity? We Understand.

Don’t get us wrong.  We realize good people make poor decisions all the time.  In fact, it’s far from uncommon for us to work with a first time offender looking for bail bonds in Houston.  However, as is the nature of our business, we also provide bail bonds to people in Houston that constantly find […]

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The Importance of Researching Any Bail Bondsman

We understand.  Often times, people just choose a bail bond company without putting too much thought into it. It’s not uncommon for us to talk to someone looking to get bail bonds in Houston as quickly as possible. Therefore, they don’t research companies like they would when shopping for other services.  However, one story in California shows […]

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